Safer Travel on Sea Ice Service

Traveling on Sea Ice is a way of living for those in the North as it provides a valuable lifeline to food sources as well as a means of connection to other communities.  The Safer Travel on Sea Ice Service provides information to make journeys on sea ice safer.

About Safer Travel on Sea Ice

LOOKNorth Services Safer Travel on Sea Ice Service leverages satellite-based imagery to monitor the ice conditions for Northern Canadian communities offering a go, slow go or no go recommendation.  The service also consists of data collected from a Smart Qamutik that uses radar technology to measure the thickness of the ice along commonly used hunting or commuting Sea Ice routes.  Finally, the service includes information from Smart Buoys that are seasonally permanent to provide thickness data to accompany the other 2 sources of data that hunters and those that use the sea ice for travel can use to increase the safety of journeys.

During  Sea Ice season our solution downloads Synthetic Aperture Radar Satellite imagery from multiple providers such as RADARSat and Senitel-1 up to 3 times a week over 1000’s of km’s, processes these images in near real time and provides the resulting data via our simple to use web interface.

Go, Slow Go, No Go

Safer Travel on Sea Ice Service provides high contrast maps of Sea Ice conditions to aid travelers in route planning.  Simple color indicators of red, yellow or green give users an intuitive means of creating the safest routes to and from destinations.

Smart Qamutik Ice Thickness

Provides detailed ice thickness information using an innovative qamutik that carries an ice thickness measurement device based on radar technology. Community members use this technology to measure well-established routes to provide an indication of detailed ice thickness to supplement the Go/SlowGo/No Go maps.

Ice Thickness Buoys

Ice Thickness Buoys seasonally installed provide high-frequency ice thickness data from strategic geographic locations.

SmartIce Project

This service was built to support the SmartIce Project.

SmartIce is an acronym for Sea-ice Monitoring And Real-Time Information for Coastal Environments.

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