Pipeline Class Change Location Service

Know if your pipeline is properly classified, or proactively monitor areas of potential class changes.

About Pipeline Class Change Location(CCL) Service

Don’t do multiple pipeline class change activities – save big money using LOOKNorths’s CCL Services to make strategic upgrades. Pipelines experience class change due to urban sprawl, land use changes such as the creation of a new public park, and also when standards change.  Pipeline operators integrity teams are required to ensure pipelines are properly classified and to upgrade sections where classification level has increased in a timely manner. LOOKNorth’s  CCL service provides a cost-effective means to offer guidance to operators to help identify areas of Class Change or impending Class Change.

Overall Pipeline Classification

Easy to read analytics provide operators with the quick access to the total amounts of correct and incorrectly classified pipeline and the amounts of different classifications within the web viewer.

Standards Based

Pipeline Class Change Location or High Consequence Area analysis in North America is governed by the ASME B31.8 in the  United States and the CSA Z662.  LOOKNorth’s CCL service leverages these standards to calculate classifications based on satellite imagery analysis.  Our algorithms provide quantitative information that operators can directly use to assess the proper classifications of their pipelines.

Detailed Analysis Tools

The intuitive interface includes tools such as “sliding mile” tool to count infrastructure, historical statistics, classification recommendations and integration with Google Streetview for quick look investigations.

Forecasting Urban Sprawl

Our CCL service stores analysis as well as satellite imagery historically to allow operators to keep and eye on new construction activities around the right of way of the pipeline.

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