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About Us

LOOKNorth Services brings together 35 years of Remote Sensing experience, cloud-based product processing and intuitive user interfaces to deliver value based insights to its end customers. LOOKNorth Services provides value-added remote sensing services for Oil & Gas, Utilities, and Finance, Government and Environmental clients.  If you need to count, classify and detect change in your ground-based assets LOOKNorth Services will work with you to get the insights you need.

LOOKNorth Partner Network

LOOKNorth Partner Network consists of over 20 enterprises, and research organizations that offer new and innovative solutions from new sensor development for nanosats, and drones to computer vision experts extracting insights from sensors and other ancialllary big data sources.   LOOKNorth Services provides business development and commercialzation services for these companines. Check them out below.

Want to Become A Partner?

If you are looking to evolve an remote sensing idea, bring product to market , or grow revenues, you should talk to us to see how we can help you reach your goals.  We offer earlier stage funding of new innovative ideas, business development support and offer a digital market place for you to sell your services on our value added remote sensing services platform.  See the contact us information below, we would love to talk!

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